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Testimony: No More Back Pain

Auralie is one of those wonderful people you get the privilege of meeting every once in a great while. She’s really got a zest for life and I’m so thankful I was able to help her. I’ve had great success with this L5-S1 issue in part because I have an L5-S1 compression myself after...


Sitting is Death: Running Warm-up for Desk-Dwellers

There’s a philosophy that many of us have in the training world that simply says, “Sitting is death”. Why? In short, sitting deforms your muscle balance. It makes the front of your leg muscle short, locks up your hips, overtightens your back, turns your core off and makes you a hun...


Product Review: ViPR Training – Innovative and New

I recently finished my certification for this “innovative” new tool and have been turned from total skeptic to ViPR lover!  ViPR is an exercise tool that brings play and fun back in to the exercise equation without sacrificing results.  This tool just might be the missing component for a...