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Sitting is Death: Running Warm-up for Desk-Dwellers

There’s a philosophy that many of us have in the training world that simply says, “Sitting is death”. Why? In short, sitting deforms your muscle balance. It makes the front of your leg muscle short, locks up your hips, overtightens your back, turns your core off and makes you a hun...


Testimonial: Bye-Bye Medications, Hello Fitness!

Trudy is another friend and client of mine who has tremendously changed her life during the time we worked together. We celebrated as she dropped below the weight she was on her wedding day, as she got rid of her medication and as her fitness improved day by day. Her ferocious commitment and ability...


Olympic Bodies: Sprinters or Long-Distance Runners?

There is a debate that ripples back and forth between cardio junkies and hight intensity interval (HIIT) advocates about which type of exercise produces the best results. Because the bodies of athletes reflect their training, events like the 2012 Olympics give us a chance to put our petty arguments...