Fish Oil Causes Prostate Cancer – says the Media

I had a client come up to me today and tell me her doctor recommended she stop fish oil because of a “new” study that was released that showed there is a 43% increase in the risk of prostate cancer if you take fish oil. Briefly, I want to say. DON’T EVER GET HEALTH ADVICE FROM THE MEDIA. Ever. In fa...


Tip 3: Easy Steps to Lose Weight Without Starving

You should never starve yourself to lose weight.  If you are, something you are doing is wrong. I know you have carefully researched the USDA food pyramid and eat exactly according to your calories in vs. calories out goals, you have the right magazine advice and eat low-fat everything but listen to...


Salmon Salad

1 Cup Spinach 1/4 cup Garbonzo beans 1/4 cup Black Beans 4 -6 oz. Wild Alaskan Salmon Mesquite BBQ seasoning Dash of Salt Dash of Pepper Prep Time: 20 minutes Fat: 3 g Sugar: 6 Fiber: 6.5 Protein: 45.5 Calories: 320 If you’re not used to eating your salads without dressings, get used to it. Th...