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5 Reasons to Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

If you’re a crazy wide-eyed, coffee-chugging cafe goer, take a second to read these tips and see if you could benefit from keeping your caffeine levels in check! 1. Caffeine can cause dark circles under your eyes It’s true. You thought it was fatigue but many dark circles come from eye s...


Have I Found the BEST Protein Bar?

A single bar of ultimate suck could be replaced by a bar of slightly lesser suck. That’s how I usually feel when I’m selecting a protein bar. Here’s the usual (and very frustrating) scenario. I’ll look through the endless walls of protein bars and pull out one that looks semi...


Virtual Training Now Available!

Do you love what you see here but you live too far away or can’t afford training?  Virtual training is now available! If you’ve read my testimonials, you know people are getting great results working with my company. People have reduced pain, increased sports performance, lost fat, built...