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5 Reasons to Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

If you’re a crazy wide-eyed, coffee-chugging cafe goer, take a second to read these tips and see if you could benefit from keeping your caffeine levels in check! 1. Caffeine can cause dark circles under your eyes It’s true. You thought it was fatigue but many dark circles come from eye s...


Diarrhea Bears: Fake Sugars Are Poison

Explosive Diarrhea is your body’s way of saying, “I hate what you just fed me” That’s right, I said it. If you eat something and find yourself violently expelling, you need to consider both the preparation and content of the item you ate. If MANY people are having such a resp...


5 Tips for Healthy New Years Resolutions

Well, that time is upon us once again where the world goes fitness crazy, health food flies off the shelves and sporting goods stores have a hay-day. New Years is upon us! I remember when I worked in a corporate setting, we used to “joke” about how the gym would be packed January through March and e...


Sitting is Death: Running Warm-up for Desk-Dwellers

There’s a philosophy that many of us have in the training world that simply says, “Sitting is death”. Why? In short, sitting deforms your muscle balance. It makes the front of your leg muscle short, locks up your hips, overtightens your back, turns your core off and makes you a hun...


5 Ways to Get Beach Ready

It’s summer!! Ok, so that’s not new news to any of us but chances are you’re now deep in to your summer routine and have fallen off your pre-summer beach-body cut program. You’re running out of time because you’re having so much fun and looking for ways to get leaner. H...