1 Food that Kills Butt and Thigh Fat in Women

Fitness is about more than calories in vs. calories out. It’s about balancing your internal environment to optimize the calorie-burning machine known as your body. I know I know, your friend who has worked out all his life disagrees. Your other friend who reads health blogs and weighs her food says...


5 Tips for Healthy New Years Resolutions

Well, that time is upon us once again where the world goes fitness crazy, health food flies off the shelves and sporting goods stores have a hay-day. New Years is upon us! I remember when I worked in a corporate setting, we used to “joke” about how the gym would be packed January through March and e...


Tip 3: Easy Steps to Lose Weight Without Starving

You should never starve yourself to lose weight.  If you are, something you are doing is wrong. I know you have carefully researched the USDA food pyramid and eat exactly according to your calories in vs. calories out goals, you have the right magazine advice and eat low-fat everything but listen to...


Tip 2: HCG: Drink Pee to Lose Weight?

  The HCG diet is the latest weight loss craze! Becky lost 80 pounds by simply changing their diet and taking drops of HCG on the tongue!  …At least, that’s what my client told me.  I bowed my head in dismay as she told me that she had purchased HCG and was about to start the...