We specialize in pain management, fitness and sports performance.

We follow the science of exercise, period. We research exercise, nutrition and behavioral science to stay up to date on the best ways to make the changes his clients want to see. No gimmicks, no fluff. Because we believe the best way to change the body is from the inside out, all advice revolves around the science of forcing your hormones, genes, enzymes, etc. to shift for the better with exercise and nutrition.


Stretch and Massage Therapy

Conventional massage therapy is designed to help you feel relaxed. While we offer that, our focus on stretch therapy gets deeper and more effective than any massage you’ve ever experienced. Loosening up connective tissue will aid the body’s ability to heal.

Postural Therapy

Everybody’s posture is getting worse and we have the answer. Rotations across joints can cause serious pains. By doing a small menu of simple exercises every day, you can get rid of this pain. Our method has a 94% success rate for getting rid of pain without surgery or medications.

Movement and Personal Training

First we clear your movement, then we add fitness. Many times well-meaning personal trainers try to add fitness to a body that’s too dysfunctional to move well. By simply taking a few weeks to clear up good movement, your fitness can go beyond your previous peak. Try us to experience the difference.

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