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Testimonial: Bye-Bye Medications, Hello Fitness!

Trudy is another friend and client of mine who has tremendously changed her life during the time we worked together. We celebrated as she dropped below the weight she was on her wedding day, as she got rid of her medication and as her fitness improved day by day. Her ferocious commitment and ability...


Inspiration: Crossfit – Normal Women Getting Extreme Fitness

If you’re a woman who wants to get super fit and is worried about getting too bulky or losing body fat in places you’d like to keep it, look no further. In my opinion, many women have a more difficult time getting fit than men because they want to maintain body fat in certain areas and l...


Inspiration: Dropped 80 pounds!

I did an interview with a client and friend of mine who dropped 80 pounds over the course of 2012. The first 40 of those pounds were lost in 90 days for a weight loss competition that she WON!!! Ann is truly an amazing person, one of those rare gems you run across who give light and life wherever th...


Success: 7 pounds down

It’s controversial but once again I watched a client of mine lose 7 pounds in one week while eating bacon. I have found that really low fat and high carb (even from whole grains) is an inferior way to lose weight. I had this client eating a diet consisting of 30% carb 40% fat 30% protein And h...