5 Tips for Healthy New Years Resolutions

Well, that time is upon us once again where the world goes fitness crazy, health food flies off the shelves and sporting goods stores have a hay-day. New Years is upon us! I remember when I worked in a corporate setting, we used to “joke” about how the gym would be packed January through March and e...


I’m Speaking at Better Health!

The date is set and it’s official, I’m going to be giving a seminar at Better Health in Novi! The date is set for Feb 23rd at 1:00 pm! I’ll be speaking on Paleo style eating and how it can help you reach your new years resolutions. I absolutely love Better Health markets. Their fru...


Tip 4: What Makes us Fat: Calories or Hormones?

One of the hottest battles is waged between the ideas that 1- fatness is caused by eating too much and  2-fatness is caused by chemical issues within the body. The first will say that fat people simply lack the will-power to exercise and eat right while the latter will say that fat-people are mere v...