Coffee Alternatives: Dandy Blend

I had gnawing, stabbing, biting, awful pain that kept me awake all night. I was in severe, nauseating discomfort for two weeks and trying to figure out what the heck was going on. My thoughts of “flu” slowly dissolved in to thoughts of “stomach ulcer” as I researched. At the end of the day I believe I had an active, irritated stomach ulcer! Yuck!

I understand a lot of people drink coffee for the caffeine kick but I really, really enjoy the taste. So after a few weeks of terrible pain, I decided to try to “heal” my gut. It was a week of intense probiotics, vitamin E with meals, acid-reducing foods like cabbage, bland foods like banana with a touch of nut butter and lots of water. I also cut out any foods that may create excessive acid, namely alcohol and the ridiculously dark, tar-like creation I call coffee.

Within two days my 14 day battle with stomach pain was gone.


I was excited and surprised and the event left me searching for coffee alternatives to stave off the stomach demons.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, you should be searching for alternatives, too:

  • dark circles under your eyes
  • increased irritability
  • extreme fatigue
  • frequent illness
  • problems losing body fat
  • frequent headaches
  • trouble sleeping 
  • trouble waking
Dandy Blend: The Coffee Alternative


Coffee Alternative

Dandy blend is a roasted and powdered dandelion root that mixes in to hot water much like instant coffee. It has no caffeine, does NOT inspire acid production and will not give you caffeine withdrawals, headaches or increased irritability.

Originally I was told this product tastes “JUST LIKE COFFEE! WEEEEEEEE!!”

….It does NOT taste just like coffee. However, it closely resembles coffee plus a little black licorice flavoring. It’s really quite tasty, takes very little adjusting and is far tastier than the feeling of tiny stomach gnomes pick-axing my insides.

other benefits:

Besides all the above benefits, dandelion root extract is listed in liver detoxes and health elixirs galore! The studies (listed below) have shown dandelion root to aid the body in the following.

  • Reduce arthritis pain
  • Reduce total cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Boosts good cholesterol
  • Reduce heart disease risk factors
  • POSSIBLE Cancer fighting agent (including skin cancer)

People with an inflamed or infected gallbladder, or blocked bile ducts, should avoid using dandelion


Hypolipidemic and Antioxidant Effects of Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Root and Leaf on Cholesterol-Fed Rabbits

The Efficacy of Dandelion Root Extract in Inducing Apoptosis in Drug-Resistant Human Melanoma Cells


Laura: Pain/Muscle Retraining Testimonial

Laura has been an absolute joy to get to know. She’s an incredible person with a great heart and recurring pain that she just couldn’t kick. Although we’re not completely there yet, she has made HUGE improvements and I’m excited to see the day when we can post a “Pain free” testimonial 🙂

” I was in a lot of pain and unable to exercise when I came to Nate via a recommendation. Nate has worked with me to retrain my muscles, to make me aware of how my body should feel so that I can exercise and become fit again.

Nate is more than the trainers I’ve worked with in the past. He not only assures good form, he can tell when muscles are not firing correctly. He describes and demonstrates appropriate form and he assures I do everything correctly. He’s quick to substitute exercises that are not providing me with the fullest possible benefit.

Nate documents a program for me at each visit so that I can continue the workout myself at home. He provides a challenging program for me with lots of variety. I also appreciate his willingness to work within my schedule and toward the goals I have set for myself.

I was resistant to having a personal trainer, but it has been the best experience for me. I have already told several people about Nate.”

Free 1 hour Paleo Seminar! Watch now!

Wow! I’ve had such a huge demand for more information about Paleo nutrition that I’ve decided to release my Paleo seminar for free to the general public. Go grab some Paleo snacks and water, pull up a chair and enjoy!

In good health,


<p><a href=”″>Eating Paleo in the 21st Century</a> from <a href=”″>Nate Furlong</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Congrats to Katie!

A big congratulations to one of my golfers, Katie C for being accepted to Bucknell University for golf! Katie is a dedicated, hard-working high school senior both on and off the course and her hard work has paid off.

Over the past year,  she’s dramatically improved her overall strength and flexibility with my strength programs playing a major role. All tests for overall athleticism, strength and speed/agility have improved by at least 130% while her shots off the Tee have gained incredible distance.

News articles report her success as follows:

“Childers and (omitted) lead Varsity to Victory.”

“Childers goes low, Varsity picks up a win.”

“Childers leads Varsity to third place finish”

“Childers earns another top ten; Team struggles”

Keep up the good work, Katie! Can’t wait to see how far your career goes!

Have I Found the BEST Protein Bar?

A single bar of ultimate suck could be replaced by a bar of slightly lesser suck.

That’s how I usually feel when I’m selecting a protein bar. Here’s the usual (and very frustrating) scenario.

I’ll look through the endless walls of protein bars and pull out one that looks semi-nutritious, only to find it to be full of garbage, fillers and the oh-so-crappy-chalk-in-the-mouth milk concentrate. *bleh*. I’ll put that bar back and find another that’s actually made from natural ingredients. “JOY JOY!!” But alas, my hopes are once again dashed as I realized the “protein” bar has only 7 grams of protein….this is not a protein bar.

Then I’ll switch approaches and begin my search with “how many grams of protein” only to find that every bar with enough protein is ultimately, a greater measure of suck.

So, my friends, with a 6 small meal a day nutrition plan in place, I’ve been on the search for the ultimate bar…and I just may have found it.

PRESENTING….*drum roll*




The ingredients look like this




The macronutrients look like this


20 G PROTEIN…..16 G FAT ….20 G CARB…..


Why is that so good? Here’s the breakdown: 

First, there are lots of proteins on the market but whey isolate is one of the easiest to absorb with the best amino acid profile. Specifically, it has a higher leucin count, which is associated with great muscle recovery and gain.


Second, the carb to sugar ratio is 1:1, which makes it a true protein bar. Many protein bars are really energy bars as you will find 3-4 times the amount of sugar as protein. In this case, the bar will supply an ample amount of protein without making your blood sugar go nutty.


Third, it’s natural…3 ingredients? Come on!


Four, they’re reasonably priced. At just a few cents over $2.00, it’s an acceptable price for a snack replacement.


As for the taste, I’ve not tried them yet. When I get my box in two days, I’ll send out an update but most of the disgusting taste you get from cheap proteins comes from the milk concentrate…of which this bar has none.

…Did I mention this is technically Paleo??





5 Natural, Money-Saving Alternatives to Products You’re Already Using Part 2

In continuing with our natural theme, we now turn to the product you put on your lips. 


Product #2: Lip Balm

The Description:

Lip Balm is commonly used to nourish and heal lips that have become dry from harsh environments. Some are flavored, some include sunscreen, some make your lips tingle but they’re all designed to keep moisture trapped on the lips. Like any product meant to aid us in maintaining good health, commercially produced lip balms are often packed with micro-elements that can actually hurt you. So we turn yet again to a natural alternative.


The Why: 

One common and potentially harmful product in many commercial lip balms is titanium dioxide. Take a quick peak at the ingredient deck of food and you’ll be surprised to find this element in many products you’re already eating. Titanium dioxide has been shown to kill human cells……kill…human…cells…yet, because they’ve been unable to test the element on humans directly, it’s been passed as generally safe to consume. Couple this with the heavy metal infusion from your previously aluminum laden antiperspirant and you’ve got a heavy metal nightmare!


The Alternative:

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp beeswax
  • a few drops of Vitamin E oil

Heat everything gently in the microwave, stir together and put in a container. 


An average tube of quality organic lip balm cost $3.49 while this will cost about $0.65 for the same amount. 





5 Natural, Money-Saving Alternatives to Products You’re Already Using

Many of the products we use on a daily basis are actually harming our health. Fortunately, most of these products can be made in the comfort of your own home with natural ingredients that will leave more cash in your pocket and help you maintain a healthy body.

For the next however-many weeks, I’m going to roll out one product a week that will be a healthier and more cost-effective alternative to products you’re already using…and on today’s menu….

Product #1: DEODORANT


Deodorant is a basic essential for most people in a civilized culture. Somewhere around puberty, one of our friends says, “Ew! You Stink!” And we enter a never-ending battle with the stink that is our underarm.  If you could deal with the stink, lets not forget the giant ring of sweat that formed around each pit after walking up a half flight of stairs. Somewhere along the line, we decided it would be a good idea to create a paste to block our body’s natural secretions in order to offend the senses of our comrades less often. 

Thus, enter deodorants and antiperspirants. 



If we break down the word antiperspirant, we’re left with anti- (against) -perspirant (sweat). The active sweat-blocking element of your antiperspirant deodorant is Aluminum….as in, the heavy metal aluminum. When you rub the cream on your underarm, the deodorant is meant to flavor your pits with creamy perfume and the aluminum clogs your pours to prevent sweating. 

Now, if you’re the type of person that needs to change your deodorants every couple of weeks because you stink so bad, I have a theory. Your body secretes sweat, along with a yellowish oily sebum through the pours of your pits. I think that continuous use of antiperspirants causes a buildup of stink in the holes of your pits and increases your overall stinky…after all, it’s not normal to smell like a pig after 8 hours of being awake!

Here is why you should switch:

1. The product is expensive

  • my previous favorite deodorant (old spice) cost an average of $4 per 3 oz stick…that’s $1.25 an ounce. The recipe I”m about to show you cost about $0.20 an ounce

2. Aluminum is hurting your health

  • Heavy metal toxicity is the number one result I see coming back from naturopaths. We believe it’s linked to issues with losing weight, thyroid disease, problems with forming muscle and performance.  
  • According to the NYU Langone medical center, symptoms and complications of aluminum toxicity can include:            
    • Muscle weakness
    • Bone pain, deformities, and fractures
    • Seizures
    • Speech problems
    • Slow growth—in children
    • Confusion

    Complications may include:

    • Lung problems
    • Nervous system problems causing difficulty with voluntary and involuntary actions
    • Bone diseases
    • Brain diseases and disorders
    • Anemia
    • Impaired iron absorption

3. You’ll stink less

  • Take my word for it, you’ll smell awful for a week, but after that, roses will pop out of your underarms


The solution to sweat and stink, should NOT be to shove aluminum in to one of the most porous areas of your body. 



I was introduced to this recipe by a great friend of mine, it’s not our original but it works GREAT. 

1/3 cup baking soda

1/2 cup corn starch

1/2 cup coconut oil

10-15 drops of essential oils (I like Tea Tree, Lavender and Pachouli together)


  1. Mix powdered baking soda and corn starch together
  2. warm the coconut oil in a bowl, pour it in the powder and stir 
  3. add drops of essential oils and stir together
  4. allow to solidify and keep in a cool place

NOTE: The coconut oil should be warmed, not heated. if you heat it up too much, the mixture will become liquid and separate upon cooling. 


The baking soda stops the stink, corn starch gives solidness to the mixture, coconut oil makes it creamy and moisturizes, essential oils fragrance but I have found the Tea Tree oil to be essential because of its antibacterial/antifungal properties at getting rid of stink. 


Stay tuned next week for the next natural replacement product!!








NYU Langone Medical Center


Testimony: No More Back Pain

Auralie is one of those wonderful people you get the privilege of meeting every once in a great while. She’s really got a zest for life and I’m so thankful I was able to help her. I’ve had great success with this L5-S1 issue in part because I have an L5-S1 compression myself after a skydiving incident. Anyway, here’s her testimonial, I hope it’s encouraging to you that if you have chronic, debilitating pain, there’s a way out 🙂


If you are wondering if getting the help of an exercise specialist is really worth it, well, let me tell you what I discovered.  I came to Nate Furlong at Well Fit Life because he was recommended by my chiropractor.  I was diagnosed with Stenosis and L5-S1 disc degeneration – the reason for my chronic back pain.  After my chiropractor did all he could do for me, he recommended I go to Nate to get my core strengthened.  Right away I was impressed by Nate’s knowledge of what muscles needed strengthening in my particular situation and how to get them to wake up.  After 6 weeks of his personal prescribing of exercises and working with me, I am pain free.  I feel strong and able to do everything life requires of me and more.  I thank God for Nate Furlong’s expertise and passion to help people live strong.  So whether you want to get out of pain or just get stronger, Nate Furlong, will know how to help you reach your goal.

Virtual Training Now Available!

Do you love what you see here but you live too far away or can’t afford training? 

Virtual training is now available!

If you’ve read my testimonials, you know people are getting great results working with my company. People have reduced pain, increased sports performance, lost fat, built muscle and become healthier people!

What Do you get? 

-My expert advice any time you want via email

-3 strength workouts a week that are progressive and specified to you

-Nutrition advice and programming


What’s the investment?


That means if you traded a daily starbucks, you could have more energy, a healthier body, increased vitality and become a healthier you!


How do I get started?

Comment or Email today and we can start working on a healthier you 🙂