Dieting Makes You Fatter Over Time



“I dropped 4% of my body fat last month!”

Ever since switching our nutritional approach to a simple, more effective system, testimonials like this have become the norm. It seems fat is just falling off of people…part of me wants to discredit what I’m writing but it’s true. Years of being a trainer and I’ve never seen this quick of fat loss with such simplicity. Now we need to find out more about the good and the bad of our understanding on nutrition as it pertains to fat loss.

Calorie counting doesn’t work long term. I have never seen anyone besides super motivated trainers stick to a calorie based program and even they frequently move off of it. But what if calorie counting and calorie deficit is actually making you fatter?

A recently released abstract from the “Perspectives on Psychology and Science” brings up a few good points.

First, your body is in constant flux and it regulates your metabolism based on how many calories you have in a given day. So if you eat more, your metabolism goes up. If you eat less, your metabolism goes down.

Second, your body regulates hunger chemically and those pesky chemicals that make you feel food cravings can actually be increased for UP TO A YEAR after you’re done with your diet.

So what’s the solution? Currently we think hunger is your best calorie counter and most people are nutrient deficient while being calorie plentiful. Basically, your quality of food sucks and you’re not paying attention to being full vs hungry.

Stop dieting, eat 6-9 cups of non-starchy veggies a day, has some protein and fat and listen to your body.

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