Your Stretch Routine Sucks. Do This Instead.

My parachute collapsed while I was skydiving and I hit the ground in a free-fall. After that incident, I went through about two years of excruciating pain down the backs of both legs. I tried lots of different types of exercise and ended up doing a low back stretch where I played on the ground and rotated both legs to the side. Most of the time I would get a loud CRACK in my back and I’d be quite satisfied knowing I’d done something good for my body.

Now that stretch is considered ineffective and even dangerous to perform.

What changed? Our understanding of the human body.

Dump your old stretch routine and update it with this quick 10-15 minute routine. You can do this daily or as a follow-up to exercise while focusing on breath control.

What do I mean? 
Western movement science is starting to catch up with eastern ancient movement science and most movement experts now recommend a focus on smooth, complete breathing during stretches. You know you’ve gone too far if you have to grunt or hold your breath. Try it and feel how different your body stretches when you’re not fighting against increased length.

Remember, the key is gentle consistency rather than infrequent and intense.


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author: Well Fit Life

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