Protein Review: Robert Irvine’s FIT CRUNCH: 1 of 50

Robert Irvine’s FIT CRUNCH
Peanut Butter


Cost: $3.59

Protein: 30 grams

Carb: 27
Taste 9/10

This was super tastey! Surprising, not crazy chalky, not crazy fake-sugary.

Texture 10/10

Chewy, soft, chocolatey with a thin layer of crisp – the texture lived up to the advertising

Protein Quality: 7/10

I usually prefer just straight whey isolate but it had both whey isolate and whey concentrate. Not a huge deal but doesn’t get a 10/10.

Recommended: Three thumbs up!

All of us liked this bar and surprisingly, this is a bar I would buy again for taste, texture, protein/carb ratio. Plus, it’s about 20 cents cheaper than most of the other bars we looked at!




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