5 Reasons to Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

If you’re a crazy wide-eyed, coffee-chugging cafe goer, take a second to read these tips and see if you could benefit from keeping your caffeine levels in check!

1. Caffeine can cause dark circles under your eyes
It’s true. You thought it was fatigue but many dark circles come from eye strain (excessive computer use) or increased blood flow near the skin around the eyes from excessive caffeine intake.

2. Caffeine can cause irritability
According to a 2006 study, individuals who consumed 250 mg of caffeine three times a day had significantly boosted stress hormone levels in response to stress. That means you feel out of whack and irritated all day and leads us in to reason number three to reduce your caffeine intake.

3. Caffeine may make lower your immune system
The hormone mentioned above is called cortisol and it is a major player in your internal environment. too much cortisol can cause things like a lowered immune system, increased irritability, increased body fat and a reduction in muscle!

4. Caffeine can decrease your energy levels
Drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks can give you a short-term energy burst. However, constant caffeine consumption can turn this stimulant in to an energy sucker. As your body adjusts to the constant stimulation by boosting adrenaline and jolting you to life, the long-term result could be a fatiguing of your body’s ability to create and produce adrenaline appropriately. Remember that our bodies are dependent on millions of chemical processes to function properly and a foreign chemical like caffeine can really disrupt the process.

5. Excessive caffeine can increase risk of heart disease.
While moderate caffeine (1-2 8 oz cups or 1 shot of espresso) intake can reduce your risk of heart disease, excessive caffeine can increase your risk according to an article published in the “Current opinion in Lipidology” Journal. Caffeine can narrow your blood vessels, increase stress on the interior lining of arteries, and an element called “diterpenes” in unfiltered coffee can increase your chances of cardiac issues.

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Cortisol responses to mental stress, exercise, and meals following caffeine intake in men and women.

Current Opinion in Lipidology

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