The Easiest Way to Eat a Salad

I have a confession….

I’m a trainer and I HATE EATING SALADS….

It’s not the taste, I actually like the taste of salad, it’s the slow arduous process of shoveling fork after forkful of grass in to my face hole…a sophisticated cow, that’s what I feel like. The problem is that I know how good salads are for you and I’m pretty sure you need to have more veggies!

I like juicing but it’s not my favorite because you lose a lot of the fiber in most juicers. I like smoothie making but it’s not my favorite because they’re usually too thick for my taste buds and have very little vegetables.

Thusly, I present to you, SMOOCING *Patent Pending*Juicing

Here’s the tip of the year for 2015.

  1. Get a good blender – Suck it up and get a good one that you’ll actually use (My Vitamin is AMAZING). With a good blender, you will have NO CHUNKS.
  2. Put two heavily packed cups of spinach in every smoothie
  3. Add a Kiwi, 1/4 lemon or lime and some apple to the mix.
  4. Add water during the blending process
  5. Add ice to the glass and enjoy!

It’s delicious, refreshing and two cups of spinach (the amount you would need for an hour’s worth of chewing a full salad) is nearly undetectable in texture and taste.


author: Well Fit Life

Our goal is to get your body moving well and keep it that way as long as possible.

Auralie Messenger

Nate, Thanks for sharing this recipe. I too have been wanting a yummy way to get more greens in and this does it! It’s also a great replacement for OJ in the morning.



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