Congrats to Katie!

A big congratulations to one of my golfers, Katie C for being accepted to Bucknell University for golf! Katie is a dedicated, hard-working high school senior both on and off the course and her hard work has paid off.

Over the past year,  she’s dramatically improved her overall strength and flexibility with my strength programs playing a major role. All tests for overall athleticism, strength and speed/agility have improved by at least 130% while her shots off the Tee have gained incredible distance.

News articles report her success as follows:

“Childers and (omitted) lead Varsity to Victory.”

“Childers goes low, Varsity picks up a win.”

“Childers leads Varsity to third place finish”

“Childers earns another top ten; Team struggles”

Keep up the good work, Katie! Can’t wait to see how far your career goes!

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