5 Natural, Money-Saving Alternatives to Products You’re Already Using Part 2

In continuing with our natural theme, we now turn to the product you put on your lips. 


Product #2: Lip Balm

The Description:

Lip Balm is commonly used to nourish and heal lips that have become dry from harsh environments. Some are flavored, some include sunscreen, some make your lips tingle but they’re all designed to keep moisture trapped on the lips. Like any product meant to aid us in maintaining good health, commercially produced lip balms are often packed with micro-elements that can actually hurt you. So we turn yet again to a natural alternative.


The Why: 

One common and potentially harmful product in many commercial lip balms is titanium dioxide. Take a quick peak at the ingredient deck of food and you’ll be surprised to find this element in many products you’re already eating. Titanium dioxide has been shown to kill human cells……kill…human…cells…yet, because they’ve been unable to test the element on humans directly, it’s been passed as generally safe to consume. Couple this with the heavy metal infusion from your previously aluminum laden antiperspirant and you’ve got a heavy metal nightmare!


The Alternative:

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp beeswax
  • a few drops of Vitamin E oil

Heat everything gently in the microwave, stir together and put in a container. 


An average tube of quality organic lip balm cost $3.49 while this will cost about $0.65 for the same amount. 









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