Testimony: No More Back Pain

Auralie is one of those wonderful people you get the privilege of meeting every once in a great while. She’s really got a zest for life and I’m so thankful I was able to help her. I’ve had great success with this L5-S1 issue in part because I have an L5-S1 compression myself after a skydiving incident. Anyway, here’s her testimonial, I hope it’s encouraging to you that if you have chronic, debilitating pain, there’s a way out 🙂


If you are wondering if getting the help of an exercise specialist is really worth it, well, let me tell you what I discovered.  I came to Nate Furlong at Well Fit Life because he was recommended by my chiropractor.  I was diagnosed with Stenosis and L5-S1 disc degeneration – the reason for my chronic back pain.  After my chiropractor did all he could do for me, he recommended I go to Nate to get my core strengthened.  Right away I was impressed by Nate’s knowledge of what muscles needed strengthening in my particular situation and how to get them to wake up.  After 6 weeks of his personal prescribing of exercises and working with me, I am pain free.  I feel strong and able to do everything life requires of me and more.  I thank God for Nate Furlong’s expertise and passion to help people live strong.  So whether you want to get out of pain or just get stronger, Nate Furlong, will know how to help you reach your goal.

author: Well Fit Life

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