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I have been fortunate enough to encounter some incredible people in my lifetime. Though I work with many professionals, there are a few that really stand out in my mind as being both skilled at what they do an incredible individuals with high moral integrity and a genuine care for people. If you’re searching for a professional, I would highly recommend the following


Group Training

ONE Training

Jen Kraft 


If you’re looking for a great community of fun, fitness obsessed and 95% female, this is your studio! Jen is an off-the wall fantastic instructor with a contagious amount of energy that will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. She also offers corporate wellness programs where she will come out to the site and visit, promoting a great ROI for your business and motivation/happiness to your employees. Her group rates are extremely affordable and the return is priceless! 

Phone#: 888.309.5311




Stiles Chiropractic, PC

Dr. Paul Stiles and Dr. Bob Stiles


Dr. Paul is a second generation chiropractor who has taken over the long-standing clinic that his father, Dr. Bob Stiles started several decades ago. The office has a long-standing reputation for outstanding care and they deliver. The Stiles team are experts at correcting major dysfunction and the results I’ve seen in my athletes has been phenomenal. I have seen them deal with and help correct Crippling, debilitating back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and more. Dr. Paul is a one-of-a-kind guy who makes you feel welcome and comfortable before ever adjusting the body. 

I recommend Stiles Chiropractic for major dysfunction and debilitating pain. If you have seen a handful of “experts” without any relief for your condition, these are the guys you want to see. 

Their office # is 248-349-5170


Novi Chiropractic

Dr. Pat Chelenyak


Dr. Pat and her associate, Dr. Will are exceptional at adjusting and manipulating the spine. Their approach is soft-touch and accuracy. Dr. Pat is the first chiropractor I have ever allowed to touch my neck and I have to say that the results have been incredible. Her office’s stile is not based on appointment times, as are most traditional offices. You simply come in during one of her open business times and she’ll adjust you and send you on your way. The whole visit takes about 15 minutes and is EXTREMELY affordable. Dr. Pat’s office regularly runs discounted specials so I recommend giving their office a call and asking. 

I recommend this office if you are suffering from minor dysfunction or are interested in regular, continuing chiropractic care for their quality care, affordability and ease of access. I also recommend them for their soft-touch approach, especially for those who, like I, have been nervous to have someone adjust their spine.  

Their office # is 248-380-9444



Massage Therapist

Tri-Covery Massage and Fitness

Jeff Kong, MT


Massage therapist are a tricky profession to judge accurately. Being a massage therapist myself, I am EXTREMELY frugal when it comes to naming a massage therapist as being “good”. Anyone can rub your back and help you feel relaxed, few can improve your body’s function for lasting change. That’s what Jeff and his crew do at Tri-Covery. Jeff and his crew are experts in their field who accelerate both as individuals and in their profession. Jeff was a personal trainer for around 10 years before he started tri-covery and he uses his functional knowledge of the human body to restore your body’s balance. He’s an expert in several modalities including the esteemed Fascial Stretching Technique. If you’re a triathlete or you run, bike, swim, golf, wrestle, weight lift, CROSSFIT, you NEED to see Jeff and his crew. 

Phone #: (248) 880-0162


Golf Coaching

The Inner Circle 

Chad Elledge

If you thought you’ve experienced “golf lessons” that haven’t improved your game, you’ve been missing what Chad has to offer. He approaches golf coaching from an entirely different level by helping the athlete to wrap his mind around every aspect of the sport. He understands the sport must be approached from a mental, physical, nutritional and balanced perspective that creates a competitive and balanced athlete who’s capable of dealing with high-pressure situations. You will understand why he’s nationally respected after one session as he shifts your perspective on the sport and on life. I’ve personally seen Chad’s golfers accelerate and several of the people he works with have handicaps in the low 70s. 

Contact: Celledgegolf@gmail.com


Personal Training

Well Fit Life

Nate Furlong and Associates

AHHAAHAHAHAHA. I put myself in here :-D. Let me just say that over the past year, I have been working with personal trainers in several different venues to find the best of each profession. I’m now fortunate to have incorporated two other trainers on staff who are exceptional. Take a moment to read my testimonials page and you will find similar results across the board. We accelerate at PILATES, PERSONAL TRAINING, GROUP TRAINING, OLYMPIC LIFT TRAINING and NUTRITION. If you’ve had a physical issue that no one’s been able to help, we may be able to. 

Phone: 313-410-8944



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