5 Tips for Healthy New Years Resolutions

Well, that time is upon us once again where the world goes fitness crazy, health food flies off the shelves and sporting goods stores have a hay-day. New Years is upon us! I remember when I worked in a corporate setting, we used to “joke” about how the gym would be packed January through March and empty April 1st..

All joking aside, every moment you spend working on your health is a positive in the overall span of your life so if you’ve made a commitment to fitness in the past and have since failed, TAKE HEART! The time you spent focused on it will have benefited your overall life!

So as we come in to this new year, I would like to give you some tips to aid in your success, and to help make 2014 the healthiest, fittest year yet!

HEALTHY TIP #1: Write Down Your Goals and Be SPECIFIC

Don’t let yourself get away with vague things like, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get rid of this chicken wing”. Really get down to the nitty-gritty and give yourself a time-line!

For example, if you say, “I want to lose weight”, ask yourself “How many pounds?” then ask yourself, “Is that realistic”? then ask yourself, “How long do I Think this will take”? (Healthy weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week). Set short-term goals (5-10 pound increments) and long-term goals and set up rewards that aren’t food along the way.

HEALTHY TIP #2: Pick One or Two Elements of Your Life to Change and Master Them

The biggest way to set yourself up for failure is to overcommit to a drastic change that you have to beat yourself up to follow. Now, there are a very few people who can make a complete life change in a moment but I have found those people are already millionaires so unless you’re a millionaire, take it slow! For example, commit to making it to the gym 5 days a week for an hour. During that time, you do some form of workout, but your commitment is just to get your butt there. Do this with sleep, exercise, diet, etc.

HEALTHY TIP #3: Get More Protein

Though I’ve tried to fight being a meat-head, I have to say that I consistently find protein to be one of the most beneficial elements of your diet to aid in fat loss and muscle gain. I have used my own body as a lab rat and found that if I want to gain mass, I shoot for 2 grams per pound of lean body mass. If I want to lean out, I shoot for 1.6 grams per kilogram of body weight. A fat loss person may want to shoot for 1.5 grams per pound of body weight by finding their weight, then their body fat percentage. Calculate what percent of your weight is fat. The other portion of your mass is lean body mass. Multiply this number by 1.5 and aim for it every day.

HEALTHY TIP #4: Get More Veggies

I don’t care if you like them, if you want to succeed, suck it up. Seriously, it’s that easy. I know of many, many people who have had “diseases” cured, lost weight, increased energy and mood, etc. simply by upping veggie intake. If you hate veggies, start juicing. No excuses. Veggies with every meal.

HEALTHY TIP #5: Pick Up a New Active Hobby

Play is the best form of exercise. The less you are inactive, the more you are active, the greater your chances to be physically fit. Besides, nothing is a greater motivator than seeing your gym work pay off in your physical activity. Can you skate faster? Jump higher? Crochet quicker? Whatever it is, incorporate fun in to your life.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, better, more well, fitter life in 2014!!

author: Well Fit Life

Our goal is to get your body moving well and keep it that way as long as possible.


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