Testimonial Golfer’s First Hole-in-one

Here’s a recent testimonial from a great guy. This is one of the examples of the high standard to which I hold myself and my sister company trainbetter.org to. Best wishes to you, Ron :).

Recently, I was referred to Nate  Furlong by various Medical and Trainer specialists to help me with lower back and hip pain.  This chronic pain has hindered my ability to play golf and perform many normal everyday activities for the past 12 years. I saw several medical specialists,  had MRI’s and ultrasound tests.  They concluded it was arthritis and treated it with epidural injections, even though all tests showed everything appeared to be normal.  The epidural injections proved to be unsuccessful.

At our initial meeting, Nate was able to determine that the core muscle group around those areas of the lower back and hip were not properly developed and had some atrophy.  This surprised me because I do work out 4-5 times a week for ninety minutes regularly.  Nate targeted various muscle groups in my core and began to build a systematic program that built up and developed these muscles in my lower body.    Nate started by developing a start up program that I could do at home for two weeks.  He would monitor my progress at subsequent meetings and build up the program accordingly every two weeks until my core was developed and fully functional.   Because of my love for golf, he added various exercises to assist my golf swing with added strength and flexibility.  Between our fourth and fifth visit, I finally got my first hole in one at 61 years old.  Additionally, I am hitting my irons and woods farther than I have ever hit them before and have improved my handicap by 20%.  Coincidence, I think not!

I am walking 18 holes pain free and my hip pain has improved by 80% .  I have worked with various trainers over the years but Nate is absolutely the best!  His ability to diagnose, develop a plan and explain it in a way that makes incredible sense.  I would strongly endorse Nate Furlong for all your training needs.  Whether you are looking to get in shape by building strength and flexibility or as in my case, eliminate nagging aches and pains that plagued me for years, I highly recommend Nate Furlong.

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