Top 6 Rules for Eating Carbs

A Healthy lifestyle is more than just cutting out carbs, it’s about eating the right types of carbs. Here are my top 5 rules for eating carbs.


1. Get rid of grains

 Which grains? All grains. Grains are jammed with antinutrients and proteins like gluten that have a high probability of causing internal allergic responses. Additionally, many are packed with phytates, another antinutrient that can bind to ingested minerals and cause decreased absorption. That basically means that you become nutrient deficient even though you’re eating a bunch of grain.

 The one exception I might make to this rule is if you sprout the grain because the sprouting process dramatically increases protein availability and mineral/vitamin content while decreasing antinutrient content by about 80%.


2.Have sandwiches with lettuce wraps instead of bread

Hamburger buns are 2-4 servings of bread per burger. That’s a LOT Of bread. Take a peak at your burger the next time you order one at a restaurant and you’ll see that someone has been suckering your wallet. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE hamburgers. But my hamburger should have twice as much meat as it does casing (bun) and since I made the switch, I feel energized after eating and don’t have to worry about my love handles holding on to my lunch. It’s an easy switch to give you a healthier tasting sandwich and save your insulin from spiking.


3. Eat Fibrous Carbs

When you do eat carbs, they should come from fibrous sources. These include but are not limited to


  1. Spinach
  2. Kale
  3. Cabbage
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Radish
  7. Cucumber
  8. Squash
  9. Pepper

These are nature’s multivitamin! I dare you to take two weeks and replace all your “normal” carbs with vegetables. Energy levels almost always increase and your overall well-being should improve dramatically.


4. Eat 0-4 servings of thin-skinned fruits a day

Weight loss people should have 0-1 servings of berries a day while athletes should have 2-4. Fruit is fructose…which is sugar. IF you eat too much fruit, you can still stay overweight, but at least the sugar comes with a massive dose of vitamin D and a host of other micronutrients from the pigments in the skin, seeds, etc.


5. Cut out any added sugars

When we eat large amounts of grain, added sugars, have sugary snacks throughout the day, two trips to the coffee house, our insulin levels start to chronically increase in our blood. Insulin is the molecule that helps to lower our blood sugar. If insulin is up all the time, our bodies try to adjust to the elevated level by de-sensitizing to it. That means that your already high blood sugar levels get even higher, which can wreak havoc on your ability to burn fat, and aid in your earning of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.  By altering your body’s production of this one hormone, insulin, you can normalize your growth hormone (stuff that helps your muscles grow), cortisol (stress hormone), thyroid, IGF-1, decrease depression, increase mental wellbeing.


6. Have carb/protein within 10 minutes of your workout

Immediately after a workout, your body is extremely sensitized to carbohydrate. IT’S FEEDIN’ TIME!! Having a protein shake with carb from a fruit juice and powder immediately after can help maximize your strength and muscle gains. I suggest a good Whey Isolate. About Time is a brand my wife stumbled on that I think is an amazing product that’s sweetened with Stevia. 

author: Well Fit Life

Our goal is to get your body moving well and keep it that way as long as possible.


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