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Everyone’s looking for new ways to increase their health and performance. In keeping with this trend, I’ve officially taken the plunge in to a product that graces the halls of professional sports teams across the nation.

AdvoCare’s products have been making quite a stir and the results some are seeing in their sports performance, weight-loss and overall well-being are pretty remarkable. With so many reports being released about bad, unabsorbable or tainted products, I start getting leary of any company I don’t understand…trust is a big issue when it comes to putting stuff in your mouth! I believe Advocare to be one such company that produces higher quality product.

In my never-ending quest to find the best products from different providers, I now have accounts with 3 supplement companies…I’m picking and choosing a few products from each. So far for advocare, some of my favorite products from the store are:

Raw Bars

Which can help with snacking through the day…the seed complex in these is amazing.

Omega 3 complex

Anyone who knows me knows I LOOOOVE Fish Oil. It’s an anti-inflammatory that also helps turn on lipolysis, your body’s ability to burn fat.

Spark Energy

I’m a parent…some times I need a kick in the pants. Spark can give this without tasting like poop. Chalk full of B-vitamins and such, it’s not much different from other B-toting energy drinks except that it actually tastes awesome.

The 24 day detox package is also of interest to me. I’m going to order it soon and give it a whirl!

All-in-all, the product looks both interesting and promising. Auto-ship also makes it easy for me to get what I want without jumbling up my schedule.


When taking a supplement, one must remember that, once again, supplements will NEVER replace real food… they just can’t. But if we find ourselves in situations where real, healthy and whole nutrition is an impossibility, supplements can help bridge the gap…

I think it’s a win-win…we’ll see 🙂

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