Balancing Sugar in a Paleo Life


You love sugar!

Who doesn’t love Sugar?

We just don’t like that it kills us faster and promotes things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, plumbers butt, double-chin, chicken wings, etc. etc. etc.

Take heart, chicken-wing sufferers, there is a way to balance our sugary love with a paleo life. We just have to think like cavemen.

Every time I do a seminar in front of large groups of people, I get more questions about sugars and sweeteners than any other food item. That, in itself, should be enough to tell us that we’re addicted. I did a quick little google images search for “typical American” and got this.

We’re addicted and it’s making us huge. It’s with this image in mind that I cringe every time I tell someone that things like raw honey and grade B maple syrup are technically acceptable by paleolithic standards.

Why do I cringe, you ask?

I cringe because many of the people who MUST find a replacer for high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar and table sugar will end up staying on a highly addictive SUGAR diet of a more natural source. And this will lead to a similar state of disease and obesity as the typical american high-sugar diet.


Allow me to shift your perspective about a true paleolithic lifestyle. If you are searching for how to fit sugar in to your diet, think like a caveman. If you were a caveman trying to eat only things which were readily available on the earth, you would NOT be eating cookies and cakes.

A typical bee hive can produce around 60 pounds of honey a year if it’s being farmed regularly and protected. That means that an average caveman would get less than 60 pounds of honey per year from a hive for his entire surviving group because other animals are eating from the same hive, he’s not farming regularly, weather conditions are rough, etc. On average, a modern american consumes about 135 POUNDS OF SUGAR PER YEAR…that’s PER PERSON…individually…ONE dude.

No wonder we’re sick.

The point I’m trying to make is that while raw, unfiltered products like raw honey and grade b maple syrup are generally better for you because of their probiotic content and un-altered micro components, many of the people I see who make the switch to a Paleo-type sweetener without considering a Paleo-type nutrient balance stay fat and disease-ridden then tell their friends that they tried Paleo and it didn’t work. If you must have sweetener, eat it like a caveman would and watch your tastebuds change. Eat it very very very sparingly and stock up on veggies, meats, some fruits and seeds/nuts.

If only we could break our drug addiction to sugar, we could tap in to a world of health and longevity that would shake our lives and touch the lives of our loved ones. We could dramatically reduce our reliance on medications and medical procedures. We could decrease autoimmunity and re-gain our quality of life.



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Amen brotha!

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I think you answered my yogurt/ice cream question here!

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