Paleo Peppermint Balls

I found this recipe on thepaleobro.com. YUM YUM YUM


The only thing I changed is to add cocao nibs because I LOVE cocao and mint flavor combos. Make sure your extract is alcohol free.


-2 cups Pitted Dates
-1 Cup of mixed nuts
-about a Tbs of coffee beans (depending on how strong you want the coffee taste)
-Cinnamon Powder
-2tsp Peppermint Extract


In a food processor or (magic bullet) finely chop mixed nuts, place in large mixing bowl.

Add dates in the processor, chop coarsely and then add the dates to the mixing bowl with nuts.

Add the cinnamon, coffee grind and ONLY 1 tsp Peppermint Extract and start mashing everything together!! (yes, mashing is an old culinary term I like to use) once everything is mixed together and pretty solid, start breaking up into small pieces and roll them into little balls. This recipe make about 15-20 small balls.

Once you have them all rolled, add the other Tsp of Peppermint Extract to your mixing bowl then put the balls back in there and roll them around in it, to give them that extra mint taste.

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