So You Want to Eat Paleo?

In honor of my seminar and TV appearance tomorrow, here is a quick list to get you started off eating Paleo. Remember that sugar is addictive so don’t start your 30 day countdown until you’re off of sugar!


During my Better Health seminar, I mentioned that a few foods are “not Paleo” which need more explaining. These included

-Raw Honey

-Fermented products like Kombucha

This needs to be clarified. Raw Honey and Fermented Products ARE technically considered Paleo by many. In my opinion, the FIRST 30 DAYS should be spent completely without these products as your body is going to go through some major cravings while it readjusts to a healthier balance. In my experience, consuming products like Raw Honey and fermentation yields far less dramatic results. Once you have gone beyond 30 days, you can try to re-incorporate items like Raw Honey, various root sugars and Kombucha and see how your body responds.

5 steps toward “getting it”

1.Eat 3 meals a day and snack on nuts/seeds
2.Include protein, vegetable and fat with each meal
3.Get rid of grains and dairy
4.Get rid of all added sugar and preservatives
5.Give it at least 30 days
Food that are allowed
–All organic fruits
–Raw nuts/seeds (except Quinoa)
–All organic non-starchy vegetables
–All organic/grass-fed/wild/free-range meats and eggs
–Coconut oil/Olive oil
-Sea salt
Foods that are not allowed
–Grains (Wheat, Millet, Barley, etc)
–Added sugar
–Preservatives/Fake Stuff
–Beans/Legumes (Peanuts included)
–Starchy vegetables
-table salt


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