Paleo Month

I will be giving a seminar on Paleo nutrition at Better Health Stores in Novi, MI at 1:00 Feb 23rd. In honor of this epic event, I will be posting Paleo recipes for the next three weeks. These are all recipes I have tried and approved as delicious. Here is number one.

Egg Muffins

The idea is simple. Cook some meat and veggies. Put mixture in to a cupcake pan, pour egg on top and bake for 20 minutes.

Total active cook time is about 5 minutes and these are loaded with nutrients and high in protein.




2 thoughts on “Paleo Month

  1. I make these all the time! So good! I think it’s reallyawesome that you’re spreading the word about Paleo/primal…. Motivating me to get back on track. Things kinda fell apart towards the end of my pregnancy & have struggled since. Won’t tell my life’s story in your comments section. Ha. Anyway, you’re awesome 🙂

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