Testimonial: Bye-Bye Medications, Hello Fitness!

Trudy is another friend and client of mine who has tremendously changed her life during the time we worked together. We celebrated as she dropped below the weight she was on her wedding day, as she got rid of her medication and as her fitness improved day by day. Her ferocious commitment and ability to drive toward her goals even in the midst of some huge life transitions is inspiring to say the least! I hope you enjoy this letter she wrote.

“It is May 15, 2012 and I am meeting Nate Furlong for the first time. I am one day away
from my 45th birthday and I am overweight and inactive. I am nervous and I feel
intimidated, but I am ready. I wasn’t ready before. I am ready now.

Five months later, I am 30 lbs lighter, I no longer take medication to regulate my
cholesterol, and I am stronger than I have ever been. Most importantly, mentally I am a
new person .Nate’s ability to assess what you need, physically and mentally, to achieve
success is astounding. For me, this journey has been more of a mental challenge rather
than a physical one. Yes, Nate is tough in the gym but I had years of bad choices to
unravel. His wealth of knowledge of the science behind successful weight loss and his
ability to share that knowledge is what made the difference for me. What started out as
2 weeks of anti-inflammatory eating to ‘reset’ my body has become a way of life. I no
longer crave sugar and caffeine. Instead, my body craves protein and vegetables! I try to
eat ‘clean’ as much as I possibly can and I am a nightmare in the grocery store as I read
the nutrition labels on everything I buy! With Nate’s guidance, I am slowly, but surely,
learning to make the right choices. I am what I eat!

Physically, the journey, while tough at times, has been so rewarding. Nate is truly a
master at what he does. He has an uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right
time, to get you to push yourself just that little bit further and achieve what before,
seemed impossible. Many times, I’ve felt like quitting. Nate is always there. Unfailingly
supportive and encouraging. Getting me back on track.

Today, I am a stronger 45 year old. Physically and mentally. My journey is not over. I
still have a lot to do and a lot to learn. But I know, with Nate in my corner, I will
succeed. Today, without hesitation, I can say, Nate was the best birthday gift I have ever

I love what I do 🙂

author: Well Fit Life

Our goal is to get your body moving well and keep it that way as long as possible.


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