5 Great Health and Fitness Websites

Getting good health information online is a wonderful benefit of our 21st century world and occasionally people ask me what my favorite websites are. So I sat down and compiled a list of the first 5 that came to my mind. While simply visiting these won’t make you any healthier than the fat shaker machine; applying their knowledge can give you an edge on your fitness

A favorite for free workouts. This website updates a workout of the day, including rest days.

A great source for trainers and experienced lifters. Some of the world’s top strength coaches write here.

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition…and a few other things, Dr. Weil is featured in a few magazines promoting his holistic approach to health.

A great source for pretty much everything having to do with your healthy life. Book reviews, nutrition, supplements, exercise routines, Poliquin does it all!

This website provides free public access to peer reviewed articles. For those not in the science world, these are the direct results of the experiments that tell our doctors what standards to hold to. This website does not just tell you the end result of an experiment, it walks through the when, how, why.

There you have it, five of my favorite Internet wells of knowledge, go expand our brain!

author: Well Fit Life

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Awesome sites! I always need new places to check out on the internet and these are all new to me with the except of crossfit. Thanks!


Thx 🙂

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