One of the Few Titleist Performance Institute Golf Guys in Novi!

After lots of course work, a seminar and an exam, I am now Titleist Performance Institute Certified!!!

I’m really excited about this because I’m now certified to work alongside other professionals to help detect and eliminate malfunctions in the body that hinder rotational movement. For those who don’t know, TPI is becoming the premier certification for anyone who coaches golf. To give a small snap shot, TPI’s level one course breaks the golf game down in to twelve primary swing characteristics. These include

1. S-Posture

2. C- Posture

3. Loss of Posture

4. Flat Shoulder Plane

5. Early Extension

6. Over-the-top

7. Sway

8. Slide

9. Reverse Spine Angle

10. Hanging Back

11. Casting/Early Release

12. Chicken Winging.

Each of these swing characteristics can usually be attributed to a weakness, tightness or inability to fire certain muscle groups. The course is designed to build a common language between a team of professionals who work together to create the strongest, fastest, healthiest athletes ever.

A TPI golf screen takes about 1 hour to complete and consists of movement tests for every golf-related functional joint of the body and an exercise program is given at the end to help you work on eliminating your limitations. The investment is $250 and the information/benefit is priceless.

The screen tests and gives corrective exercise for:

1. Pelvic Tilt- loss of power, back pain

2. Pelvic Rotation – Slices, loss of power, too much side to side hip movement

3. Torso Rotation issues – Loss of golf posture, shoulder issues, side to side hip movement

4. Overhead Deep Squat – feeling “stuck” or jammed on ball impact, Loss of posture, balance

5. Toe touch – Back Pain, Knee Pain

6. Shoulder Flexibility – Rotational problems, feel jammed

7. Balance with eyes close – Balance, too much hip motion, butt weakness

8. Back muscle flexibility – Loss of power, feeling crammed

9. Lower body rotation – Ability to use your ball like a whip to crank out the yards

10. Upper body rotation – almost every issue

11. Glute strength- tied in to every golf fault known to man.

If you’re interested in scheduling a screen with me, one of the only TPI certified fitness professionals in Novi please Email at

see yah on the course!


4 thoughts on “One of the Few Titleist Performance Institute Golf Guys in Novi!

  1. Hello there sir. My name is John Dempster,I am a european tour caddy. i have currently set my own blog up which gives a caddy’s perspective on the game from the other side of the bag-and even offers some advice that i would hope could assist in helping to save you shots. Check it out here at- it would be great to cross promote blogs!

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