Cheap Minimus Shoes: BUY!!

I love minimus shoes. In my opinion, they help knee pain, hip pain, core strength, muscle imbalances and balance issues. Click here to read my post on why I think they are better than the foot casts we call running shoes.

I have been a long time lover of Vibram five-finger toe shoes and Nike Free but I just stumbled upon a deal I had to take advantage of….

Say hello to a minimus shoe from New Balance!!

Ordinarily, minimalist shoes cost $90 and up. The SRP of these is $99.00 and new balance has them on sale via their website for $40.00. I ordered some! WOOHOOO!!

To order, click on this DEALNEWS LINK and follow the instructions. Remember to activate the link to get $1 shipping!

HEADS UP!!!! These are Men’s Shoes


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