Exercise Perspective #1

My wife sent me a picture of a T-shirt that read like this:

I take Aspirin for the headache caused by the Zyrtec I take for the hayfeaver I got from Relenza for the uneasy stomach from the Ritalin I take for the short attention span caused by the Scopederm Ts I take for the motion sickness I got from the Lomotil I take from the diarrhea caused by the Zenikal for the uncontrolled weight gain from the Paxil I take for the anxiety from Zocor  I take for my high cholesterol because exercise, (and) a good diet…ARE JUST TOO MUCH TROUBLE

Imagine complaining about a $30 to $60 a month gym membership and spending $200 to $300 on prescription meds just to help you feel normal…Perspective is everything!


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