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I recently finished my certification for this “innovative” new tool and have been turned from total skeptic to ViPR lover!  ViPR is an exercise tool that brings play and fun back in to the exercise equation without sacrificing results.  This tool just might be the missing component for anyone who is working on endurance performance, core strengthening or is just plain getting bored with average workouts.

What does the ViPR program do?

The ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Re-conditioning) focuses heavily on core strength and flexibility by building connective tissue strength and inspiring us to push our bodies hard. After finishing my certification, my core was sore in a way I had not felt since doing six hours of continuous Pilates several years ago! The tool uses martial-arts style exercises that are largely core driven to crank our metabolism.  Imagine the fatigue our legs feel from sprinting and spread it across the entire body. It will help increase our total body control and speed/agility which ultimately results in better overall fitness. I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Nick Luciano, the brain behind all of the ViPR movements and science. Check out one of his ViPR videos on YouTube to see what it’s all about.

ViPR functions on the idea of stretching your muscles and connective tissue to cause them to explosively move in the opposite direction. This, combined with movement in every direction helps the body use muscles that may ordinarily be skipped in conventional strength training.

These exercises look kind of easy…

I thought so, too…until I met Nick. I was SHOCKED at how exhausted I was after just two minutes of continuous movement. I even wondered if I was out of shape until I noticed that all 120 other trainers in the certification were sweating and grunting as much as I was.  Clearly, this tool is no joke. Even the simplest of exercises like the shovel help to drive our hips and core in directions that ultimately benefit our bodies.

Who should use this?

ViPR is not a replacement, it’s an addition.  Often I hear trainers and fitness fanatics trying to replace old exercises with new ones but this mentality limits our training. At the top of my list for people who will receive the most benefit from this tool are triathletes, those trying to shed body fat and those who are bored of exercise.

Many triathletes poo-poo resistance training because they want their training to be specific to their sport and “triathlons are about cardio, not strength”. The truth is that all cardio is repetitive low-weight resistance training and the triathlete’s entire body must be strong to compete well. The ViPR will help avoid injury from repetitive movement and increase speed through strengthening the total body.

The key to losing body fat is consistency. Some people I respect in the fitness industry scoff at the ViPR and call it “ineffective”.  While it’s true that there may be faster ways to get results, people who hate working out don’t work out.  In my opinion, the biggest contribution ViPR makes is to the world of fun. While some “fun” exercises come at the cost of intensity, the ViPR feeds on it. Switching up our routine by adding this tool just may be the spark some people need to keep going.

Body while bodybuilders would probably benefit least from this system, although mass could surely be gained using the 20 kg weight!

How heavy are they?

ViPR comes in 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 16 kg and 20 kg. I do most exercises with the 10 kg while Nick prefers the 20…he’s a strong guy.

How can I train with ViPR?

If  you’re in Michigan, shoot me an email at mywellfitlife@gmail.com! I’m doing small group and private training using this and many other unique systems.






Viprfit.com: The website of viper and the home of whole body integration http://www.viprfit.com

ViPR certification Training Manual

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