Be Young at 71 Years Old

If you’re interested in being healthy, looking young and staying well your entire life, you want to know about Mimi. She is a 70-something vegetarian who looks better than many 40 year olds.

Take a look at her incredible video here

How did she do it?

Mimi has been a vegetarian for around 40 years and gives credit for her youthful look and feel to her diet and daily green drink.  However, before we start giving all the credit to a meat-less life, let’s look at the other elements that create Mimi’s wellness.

Lots of diverse fruits and vegetables:

A staple of any healthy lifestyle, these provide ample vitamins, minerals, enzymes and coenzymes to make every facet of the body and metabolism function at optimal levels. Antioxidants clear damaged and damaging cell pieces from the system and rejuvenate skin, hair, teeth and bones.

Little or no simple sugars and processed foods:

Dont underestimate the unseen damage caused by chemically “enhanced” and processed foods. They are killing us. In a research paper I read recently, a group of physicians were discussing the safety of nitrates to preserve store bought bacon. Their consensus was that nitrates may increase risk of cancer.  But because the risk was less severe than the risks of bacterial infection from non-preserved meat, nitrates were approved.

In other words, the processed food solution  to bacteria is to pump us with potentially harmful preservatives that cause us less risk than bacteria they MAY prevent.

I think the solution would be to buy farm fresh or no bacon.

Regular exercise:

Mimi exercises regularly with kettlebells, walking, yoga and qi gong. The exercise and stress relief keeps muscles strong and artery-damaging blood markers like homocysteine(heart disease), hemoglobin A1c (diabates), C-reactive protein (heart disease) and cortisol (obesity and tissue damage) controlled.

The takeaway

Mimi has done a lot of things right for over 40 years. Her exemplary lifestyle and incredible results are a result of her attention to non-processed foods and exercise, not her meatless living.  It should be pointed out, however, that wild and grass fed meats are MUCH, MUCH healthier than store bought. Start your lifestyle with getting rid of processed foods, preservatives and grains and stock up on vegetables and thin skinned fruits.

Bonappetite to a healthy life!


Sexy, 73 and Vegetarian


author: Well Fit Life

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