Tip 2: HCG: Drink Pee to Lose Weight?


The HCG diet is the latest weight loss craze! Becky lost 80 pounds by simply changing their diet and taking drops of HCG on the tongue!

 …At least, that’s what my client told me.  I bowed my head in dismay as she told me that she had purchased HCG and was about to start the “diet”.

 Most people don’t have any idea what HCG (Human Choreonic Gonadotropin) is or where it comes from.

The hormone is produced in the bodies of pregnant females and plays a role in transfering fat from the woman to her developing fetus.  The idea behind the HCG weight loss program is that supplemental HCG will help mobilize stubborn body fat, even though you’re not pregnant. The seemingly new weight loss craze has been around for several decades and has had TONS of clinical trials. The weight loss program has participants consuming a measly 500 calories a day from low or no carbohydrate sources. But where do they extract a hormone that’s created by pregnant women?

From the pee of pregnant women…but it gets worse.

If you can stomach drinking a woman’s urine for the sake of shedding some unwanted weight and think you’re all good, keep in mind that the HCG extract shows no beneficial effect. The University of Stellenbosch’s Department of Medical Physiology and Biochemistry concluded, “Subjects receiving HCG injections showed no advantages over those on placebo”.  

 In other words, people who starve themselves and drink pee lose weight because they starve themselves, not because they’re drinking pee.

Check out the study here:



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